Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight and Body Image

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A person’s body image strongly influences their behaviour. A poor body image can affect a person in many ways, including performance at work or at school, quality of relationships, and overall quality of life. In extreme cases, a person may suffer body dysmorphic disorder, in which he or she imagines a physical defect and obsesses over it.

Often a person can fixate on a particular area like the nose, breasts, or legs. In reality, however, this perceived flaw is often not noticeable to others. People who are dissatisfied with their body image to the point where it starts to interfere with their social and/or occupational functioning can really benefit from talking to a Health Psychologist.

Moira has had many clients whom she has been able to help over the years.  Preoccupation with, and distortions of, body image have been found to be associated with eating disorders and can lead to severe anxiety and depression. Due to their angst, people can forget to focus on the impressive aspects of themselves and their bodies.

Moira can help clients to put their body image back into perspective; starting with a curb on the use of social media, platforms where we are constantly reminded of the disproportionate emphasis placed on looks and image.

Moira uses cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to help her clients to alter their thinking and their unhelpful or harmful behaviours in relation to their body image and/or body weight.