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grief and loss

People cope with grief and loss in a variety of ways. To lose a loved one, a friend, or a relationship or job can be a painful and challenging experience.  There can also be the loss of a sense of safety or predictability, physical incapacity through disability, or the loss of one’s home or community due to disaster. The intensity and duration of the grieving process can also differ between individuals. For most people, the experience of grief will dominate their emotions, thoughts, and behaviours for a number of weeks or months at least.

Often grief and loss issues don’t need professional assistance. Most people who experience loss will not need professional help, however some (approximately 20%) seek and require professional support. As time passes, most individuals learn to cope with their grief and go about their daily lives, although for many the loss will remain a part of them and if things don’t settle it is enormously beneficial speaking to an impartial person.

A psychologist such as Moira can listen and help you explore what the challenges have been. Moira can help by reminding her clients to maintain self-care activities and routines, and by ensure they tap into any social support that is available. 

Moira has experience with helping people who experience prolonged or complicated grief reactions, and in this group of clients she uses a number of more targeted psychological treatments and strategies that can be of great benefit.