Adjustment to Illness

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adjusting to illness

Being able to help clients navigate and adjust to illness is a unique specialty within Health Psychology.

The psychological factors of health and illness were what captured Moira’s attention when she was nursing  and form the basis of why she became a psychologist.

Moira has many clients that are struggling with adjusting to having an illness such as cancer, chronic pain, auto-immune conditions, cardiovascular disease and conditions relating to hypersomnia or insomnia.

Chronic health conditions carry important psychological and social consequences that demand significant psychological adjustment. It is common for people who are newly diagnosed with an illness, or have experienced a traumatic injury to need some psychological support to cope with the changes in mobility, independence, financial status, self-concept and interpersonal relationships.

Moira is able to help her clients to use their personality attributes, cognitive appraisals (how they see themselves and the world), and help them with their coping processes over many years.

It can be common for people adjusting to illness or injury to be at risk of anxiety and/or depression and Moira is able to assist with keeping people functioning optimally.