Dr Moira Junge

Health Psychologist based in Melbourne

Moira is available nationwide online and face-to-face (in Melbourne, Australia) to help transform lives.

She is a registered Health Psychologist and a member of the Australian Psychological Society and holds membership within the College of Health Psychology.

She has been in the healthcare field for over twenty years and is passionate about improving well-being. She is one of the clinic directors at Yarraville Health Group which was established in 1998.

Her areas of expertise include management of sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, smoking cessation, management of chronic diseases, reaction and adjustment to illness issues and loss and grief issues.

“No matter what the issues are that the client presents with Moira’s focus is on reducing distress, improving wellbeing and overall confidence in her clients. She wants her clients to be sleeping well, eating well, feeling well and living well. She aims to increase the self-awareness of her clients and finds that this yields the best rewards for them.”

Moira is a board member of the Sleep Health Foundation. She co-hosts a podcast called SleepTalk-Talking All Things Sleep

Dr Moira Junge

Dr Moira Junge